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Charmed Book of Shadows 2 DVD rom Complete

Charmed Book of Shadows 2 DVD rom Complete

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You will recive over 3,000 pictures and everything you need to Make your BOS. This is the best ever fo sell I have done work on this for some time to get the best of Charmed and The Book of Shadows for Years Don't be fooled in to the other CD's and ebooks you see for more then this. This is alot in this Charmed Collection For you the Charmed Fan.

This all comes on 2 DVD Rom cause there is alot of data here.

You will recive Charmed Pictures of the Charmed Ones, There House, and There Book

You will recive the PDF ebooks 4 of them, Charmed Book of Shadows. One is Rare

You will recive the Music from Charmed Season 1-8

You will receive the Charmed Book of Shadows both in white and colored bachground png files.

You will receive the DNL ebook Charmed Book of Shadows

You will receive Charmed Book of Shadows Scans

You will receive More for your money then any other and Much MORE.

Here is Some of the png file Pictures (Pages)

These pages are example of what you will get with the BOS (not all are listed of the images..)
CHARMED A32 images: First page, Abraxas, Academy, Accelerate Time, Alchemist's tools 1-2, Twiceblessed Child, Activation Spell, Advenetian, Akashic Records, Alcatraz, Alter Blessing, Alter Past, Protection, Andras, Angel of Death, Angel of Destiny, Adead, Anton, Antidote, Poison Antidote, Anubi, Arnon, Ask for Sign, Astarte Demon 1-2, Athame, Aura Cleanse, Auras, Avatars, Awakening Spell, all in jpeg image format.
CHARMED B34 images: Bacarra, Back in Time, Banish Powers, Banish Shadow, Banishing a Ghost, Banshee, Track a Banshee, Demon of Fear, Belthazor 1 and 2, Coles, Human Form, Summon Belthazor, Belthazor Vanguish Potion, To Bind, Black Heart Demon, Blood to Blood, Blue Moon, Body Switching, Borneo Demon, Bosk 1 and 2, Boss, Break Bond of Love, Bring a Lover 1 and 2, Brush Away Troubles, Brute Demon, Buddha 1 and 2, Zodiac 1 and 2, Buddha's Sacred Staff, Bunyip 1 and 2.
CHARMED C37 images: Call Upon Acestors, Call a Lost Witch, Call Witch's Power, Captain Black Jack, Cast Protective Circle, Categories of Ghosts and Spirits, Selerity Demons 1 and 2, Centaur, Chameleon Demon, Change Appearance, Charm of Love 1 and 2, Charm of Multiplicity, Charon, Chosen One, Chris Perry, Chupacabra 1 and 2, The Clearners 1 and 2, Clyde, Collector, The Collector, "Come la Terra", Count Roget, Creeper Demons, Crystal Cage, Create a Door, Create Illusion of Fire, Crimson Spell, Crone, Crystal Balls, Cryto, Summon Cryto, Cupid, Cyclopes.
CHARMED D33 images: Daleek, Dane, Dark Knight, Vanguish Dark Night, Dark Priestesses, Dark Priests, Dark Wedding, Darklighters, Deflection, Demon-Atrix, Demon Kids, Demon of Anarchy, Demon of Cruelty, Demon of Illusion 1 and 2, Demonic Bounty Hunter 1 and 2, Demonic Power Broker 1 and 2, Demonic Sorcerers, Demonic Wasteland 1 and 2, Demons, Desiderate, Devlin, Discourabe a Lover 1 and 2, Dogan, Dragon Warlock, Draw a Love 1 and 2, Driva away scorpions.
CHARMED E19 images: Eames 1 and 2, Elders 1 and 2, Elkin, Elves, Empaths, Enchant a Blade, Enchantment Spell, Enchantress 1 and 2, Erase painful Memories 1 and 2, Eternity Sign, Evil Eye, Excalibur, Exchange Powers, Excorcism, Executioner Demons.
CHARMED F20 images: Fairies, Fairy Tales, Falcroft 1 and 2, Familiars 1 and 2, Famous Books, Faustian Contract 1 and 2, Fearless Spell, Find Lost Love 1 and 2, Firestarter, Fishwoman, Four Horsemen 1, 2 and 3, Freeze Someone, Furies, Hear Secrets
CHARMED G24 images: Gaia 1 and 2, Gargoyles 1-2, Genies, Send and Evil Ghost to Judgement, Ghostly Plane, Spell to Vanquish Gideon 1-2, Gith, Golden Belt of Gaea, Good Luck Spell, Gram's Ving, To Summon "Grams", Gremlins 1-2, Grimoire 1-4, Guardian Angels, God between you and harm... Guardian of the Urn, Guardians of the Hollow 1-2, The Guardians 1-2, Gypsy Zombie 1-2.
CHARMED H AND I31 images: Hacht Demon 1 and 2, Halliwell Matriarchs, Hand of Fatima 1 and 2, Handfasting 1 and 2, Hanta Demon, Harpies, Headless Horseman 1 and 2, Hear Secret Thoughts, Hecate 1 and 2, Hemlock Killing Spell, Henry, Hollow 1 and 2, How to Perform a Seance, Howker Demon, Hydra 1 and 2, Ice Cream Man 1 and 2, Il Sole, Imara, Imps 1 and 2, Instant Karma Spell.
CHARMED J-K-LJeremy Burns, Jackson Waro, Javna 1 and 2, Jeric 1 and 2, Jinny, Kali 1 and 2, Kazi Demons, Kill Female Warlock, King Arthur, Kyra, Kodzoman, Krell, Krychek Demons, Kurzon, Lady Godiva, Lady of the Lake, Lazarus, Demonic Legions 1 and 2, Leo Wyatt, Leprechauns 1 and 2, Level Two Demon Weapon, Libris, Litvak, Leo, Lord of War 1 and 2, Lose a Love Forever, Lost and Found Spell, Lost Souls, Love potion, Love Spell 1, 2 and 3, Lure Evil Spirit,
CHARMED M-N34 images: Magical Amulets 1 and 2, Magnitico.., Make a Toy Talk, Make Dream of a Lover Come True 1 and 2, Malvoc, Manticore, Mariners, Masselin 1 and 2, Mathew Tate, Medicine Man 1, 2 and 3, Medusa, Melinda Warren 1 and 2, Mercury Demons, Merlin, Mermaids, Minotaur, Monkey Totem, Necromancer 1, 2 and 3, Necron, Nexus, Nicolas Must Die, Nine Death, Noxon Demons, Nymphs, Magic Artefacts 1 and 2.
CHARMED O-P-R43 images: Oracle, Order, Oren, Paige Matthews, Paige, Piper Halliwell, Piper, Phoebe Halliwell, Phoebe, Prue Halliwell, Penny Halliwell, Patty Halliwell, Pandora's box, Parallel Worlds, Past Life Spell, Phantasms, Phinx, Phoenix, Power Stripping Potion, Promote Compromise, Protection, Purification Ritual 1 and 2, Rat Demon, Rathmere, Raynoc, Raising a Child, Redication Rite, Release Gods from Mortals, Relinquish Powers, Relinquishment Spell, Restore Love, Raven Heart 1 and 2, Return Magical Gifts, Reveal Unseen Enemy 1 and 2, Revive Old Days, Rid Evil, Romany Ruby, Ronan, Rowe Coven 1 and 2.
CHARMED S63 images: Saleel, Salem Witch Trials 1 and 2, Sandman, Sargon, Satyr 1 and 2, Scabbar Demons, Savenger Demon, Skeletal Beings, Scrying for Objects, Scrying for Something Lost, Sea Hag, See the Unseen, Seekers, Seer, Send Evil Ghost to Judgement, Serving Demon, Seven Deadly Sins 1 and 2, Shakti Shiba 1 and 2, Shamanism, Shapeshifter, Shax, Shocker, Sikes, Sirk, Slave King, Sleep Spell, Smart Spell, Smoket Demons, Solar Eclipse, Soothsayer, Soulmates, The Source 1, 2, 3 and 4, Spider Demon, Spirit Board 1 and 2, Splinter Enchantment, Stall a Storm, Standing Stones 1 and 2, Stillman Sisters, Stretch Imagination, Succubus 1, 2 and 3, Summon Book of Shadows, Summon the Dead, Summon a Mediator, Summon Source of Magic, Summon Spirit of Angela Provozolis, Sutter, Suxen, Swarm Demons, Switch Powers.
CHARMED T34 images: The Tall Man, Tempus, Manipulater of Time, Thorn, Three Essentials of Magic, Time Loops, Titans 1 and 2, To Kill an Essence, To End Possession by a Life Essence, Tracer Demon, Trackers, Tracking Spell, To Trade a Soul with Someone Else, Translation Spell, To Trap Another in a Mirror, The Triad 1, 2 and 3, The Tribunal 1 and 2, Trok Demon 1 and 2, Trolls, Troxa, Truth Spell, Tuatha 1 and 2, To Turn Back Time 1 and 2, To Turn a Demon Into a Tree, Turn Humans into Animals, Turn Weapons Into Flowers, Tutti..,
CHARMED U-V-W-X-Y-Z42 images: Unicorns, Vaklav, Valkeries, Vanguish a Ghost 1 and 2, Vamquish a Random Demon, Vanishing Spell, Vampires 1 and 2, Vicus, Vincent, Vinceres 1 2 3 and 4, Virus, Warlock Spell, Water Demon, Wendigo 1, 2 and 3, Whiteliters Tip, Wiccan Blessing, Warlocks, Witch Beast, Witch Doctor, Witches Funeral, Witches Tools 1 and 2, Witch's Wisdom, Woogyman 1 and 2, Wyatt 1, 2 and 3, Xar, Yama, Zahn, Zankou, Zombie.

You (The dnl e-book can be used on Mac too but not older then 3 yrs old)WHAT IS SNL E-BOOK?
When you open the Dnl e-book for the fist time, it will automatically ask you to download dnl reader. After you installed the dnl reader, you will be able to open the e-book, turn the pages, print it, email it, add notes.

Do I have Any Type of Resell Rights?No, you cannot resell. Absolutely no part of this digital package is for resale.

I ship any where in the world
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